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What is the difference between a Native American nation, confederacy, and tribe? ?

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    Native American tribes banded together to make a nation. Native American nations banded together to make a confederacy.

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    "Nation" was a term foreigners applied to a group of native tribes they thought shared the same culture and language, but if you asked them personally they wouldn't describe themselves that way. Tribe is a collection of natives who live in one area that share same cultures customs language, usually work together for mutual survival. Confederacy is a group of dissimilar tribes that unified for a specific cause

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    Sorry, but the Homework Help forum is in the Education category. Otherwise, your friends are Google and Wikipedia, lazybones.

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    "Nation" in this case implies people sharing a common culture and/or language, so you would use it in the context of "Navajo Nation" or "Iroquois Nation."

    A "confederacy" is a collection sovereign states joined for common interest.  So in this case a union of different Native nations or tribes from different nations would be considered a "confederacy."

    A "tribe" is a communal unit with an organized structure and hierarchy.  In many cases each tribe was like a sovereign unit unto itself, with its own laws and authority.

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