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I Feel Like My Sister Tried to Cheat Me?

     Last weekend, my husband and I invited my sister and mom over for game night. My sister insisted that we make food. She wanted Pad Thai and went to the Asian Market to gather ingredients. I agreed, as I worked the day before game night and wouldn't be able to make it on time. When she was done, she claimed the bill was $120.00. She demanded that me, my husband, and mom pay her back $40.00 each. She, then, would pay nothing. I was shocked, as I have been to the market, and unless you bought food for 40 people, there is no way it cost that much. She then proceeded to tell me that she would keep ALL the leftovers.

     A bit weary, I asked her for the exact breakdown of the food. She told me she had to go to the Asian market and regular market to get shrimp. She couldn't give me an exact breakdown. When I asked for a picture of the receipt, she blew up and claimed that I am giving her attitude and was penny pinching. However, if I approached her with a need to pay me $40.00 for groceries, she wouldn't have said yes and would have demanded the receipts herself.

     I never knew my sister to demand extra money, but after this incident, I feel I can't trust her. Was I overreacting? She acted like I was out of line.

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    maybe you should talk to her about it

  • T J
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Your sister is the one out of line.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Most of the mistakes here were made by YOU!  This is actually good news, because you have the power to prevent it from happening again.

    The biggest mistake was allowing her to dictate what would happen at a gathering hosted by you and your husband.  Sure, families are casual when making arrangements, but that has never meant one person gets to decide everything on her own and then present you with a hefty bill.  The fact that you don't seem to see how egregious her behavior is leads me to believe your parents raised her to be this way.  That's why you gave in when she "insisted".  If she wants to buy expensive Thai ingredients and cook, SHE should be hosting the event.  What did your mom say when she announced what everybody owed and that she'd keep all the leftovers?   Do you really not see what an entitled brat she is?!?

    Live and learn.  Give her $20 for your share and then train yourself to never again give in when she "insists" on something.  That word is kind of a trigger, because you're a grown woman, meaning nobody can "insist" you do something unless you cave in.  Learn the power of the word NO!

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