Is the apple iphone watch worth it?  My mom wears luxury watches all the time...will she like the technology?

My mom wears gold/silver watches by michael khors and I want to give her a nice bday or xmas present.  Are the funcions on an apple watch worth the switch?  She always uses her iphone.

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  • 2 months ago
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    For me personally yes! I love my Apple Watch, specially for when I’m at work I am quickly able to check my texts & phone calls from my watch. 

     Also it’s great if she’s an active person because w/ my Apple Watch I am able to check my heart rate, track my steps & elevation when I’m hiking. 

     All sorts of cool features. However they are a pain to charge at times. 

     Michael kors watches were popular years ago, they really are out of style now. I would definitely recommend the Apple Watch. 

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