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The free-fall acceleration on Mars is 3.7 m/s2.  ?

(a) What length pendulum has a period of 1.2-s on Earth?

(b) What length pendulum would have a 1.2-s period on Mars? 

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    Pendulum period in seconds

    T ≈ 2π√(L/g)

    or, rearranging:

    g ≈ 4π²L/T²

    L ≈ T²g/4π²

    L is length of pendulum in meters

    g is gravitational acceleration

        (on earth, nominal of 9.8 m/s²)


    L ≈ T²g/4π² ≈ 1.2²9.8/4π² = _____ m


    L ≈ T²g/4π² ≈ 1.2²3.7/4π² = _____ m

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