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Based on my chart, what will my Saturn return be like?

It will also conjunct my moon, will this be a tough transit?

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    Without doing an entire analysis of both your natal chart (which is required) and then looking at your Saturn Return, I saw this much anyway.

    Saturn is in Pisces and peregrine, i.e. without essential dignity.  This is roughly like a person who is pretty much left to his own devices without guidance, and most of us, as we learned in an Indian Jones flick, choose poorly.   He is posited in your 5th natal house (children, creativity, fun stuff), and rules the 2nd (wealth) and third (siblings and local environment according to some). Saturn natally in the 5th can mean difficulty with children, or, and this is a worst case scenario, suffering abuse as a child. 

    Saturn puts a damper on fun stuff and if you have no children then that part can be ignored. But money issues as a result of child issues may be a factor, or the brakes are put on some kind of creative endeavor or some other 5th house area.

    However, as you pointed out, this is a transit and not only are transits way overrated when looked at by themselves, the "dreaded" Saturn return is the most overrated of all transits. Mine was a big yawn. Do other things like look at the the solar return for the year of the Saturn return or progressions.  Transits trigger the events seen with those methods, and not much else.

    The Moon is so far from Saturn and Saturn in transit moves so slowly, that I wouldn't get too concerned over it. And since the Moon and Saturn are both ruled by Jupiter in Pisces, that might mitigate any unpleasant stuff that happens.  I know this is vague , but that's what happens when we start the story in the middle. 

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