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is hurt the truth for americans that Marx was a jew ?

is hurt the truth for americans that Marx was a jew?

he was born into a jewish family, then he became an atheist. jews are best friends of usa, but they do not want admit that the father of communism was a jew and not a german. Marx was not a german

yes I am a nazifascist extreme right wing


@electirpole: Ikd english i will admit it, yes I have an american ancetsry too and comrade navycrab believed that I am luigi mohammed

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    Is not hurt the truth co americans.

    yes, you are troll with poor English skills. 

    ** respect for manning up on the English. 

    As for the rest, I still respectfully disagree with your position on how Americans view Marx and Jews in America. The US is a large and diverse place. Sentiments on both vary significantly across the nation. 

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    yes he was ancestraly jew,  what is the problem?

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