Do you agree Muslims are misled people?

They have heart full of hatred against those disagree with them, without even making sure it is true. For example, You can't easily understand Quran is true, especially after many contradictions, Even if True, they don't understand it well. You can say both are true, but in a broader sense when have contradictions. For example, It is ONLY against the people of the Book who are pagans or polytheists, OR the ones who mock them and attack them PHYSICALLY UNJUSTLY (not when they are about to defend their properties and lives which is common sense to do). But they say for example, it means Jews must leave Torah, must stop their covenant and heritage, OR must be killed... OR Freedom in religion in Quran is not what it means. Whenever they disagree with parts of Quran simply lie. Problem of decisiveness in Islam is very big problem now. You see it everywhere without admitting it Ever by those in power, only Enlighted FAIR people admit...

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  • Michze
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    2 months ago
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    It applies to christianity aswell.

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