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How is mail in voting less secure when it requires your address and social security number, but in person you didnt need an ID, just your ?

name? It seems easier to fake by walking in and saying you are someone else


Can we see pictures of these mail ballots that do not ask for your information? I tried googling but it could be a liberal conspiracy to hide searches

Update 2:

Good question David but I have never worked voting polls so I wouldnt know, Im just trying to make sense of it all because it sounds like Mail in Ballots at least asked for something more than just a name

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    You have plenty of time to open the envelope, change the ballot then reseal it. What could possibly go wrong?

    Anyway, don't listen to me, read what mail-in fraud exponent says:

    <Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots>

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    Florida requires mail in voters to confirm their name, address and voter registration but not SSNs. They also have the sign the envelope containing the ballot.

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    Those were the ones Trump favored to use. It's the ones that were sent out without asking that he was against. 

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    And who is checking the SS numbers? Anyone?

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    It's because Donald Trump said so!  Don't you know that Donald Trump knows more than any voting official, general, scientist, human being ever in mankind's history????  Geez, isn't it obvious????

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