What should I do about this situation at work?

At work, my boss prints out work schedules. One week, he had me off on a certain day so I thought I had that day off. A week was going by and he had made adjustments but did not tell me that he had made changes on the schedule. He put me on the schedule to work on the day I had off. 

He ended up giving me the day off but was sort of annoyed that I didn't check the change and said it would be considered a call out but he ended up getting someone to cover that day.

Recently, I asked for this coming Saturday way in advance. He ended up putting me to work that day this week. It slipped my mind yesterday that I had requested that day off so he ended up giving me Tuesday and Thursday off this week but I really wanted Saturday off.

Would it be weird to ask for it off since today is Monday? Or should I ask for next Saturday instead or this coming Sunday off? I need a weekend day off.

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    2 months ago
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    If it doesn't matter which weekend you get off, I would personally remind him that you asked for it off, and ask to get the next weekend off.  Then ask him if there is a preferred way of remaining him about your time off requests.  He should have a calendar on his wall.  He may just have you write on it when you are asking off (that's what people I have worked for in the past have done when there are rotating schedules).

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    If you didn't book the day off, they can put you in when ever they want to / need to.

    Maybe some one else called out or wasn't able to make it in. They saw you were available so they put you on for that shift.

    You're responsible for checking your schedule, and regularly. They can make any changes they need to and they won't always let you know. 

    He all ready gave you Tuesday and Thursday off. Maybe see if you can exchange one of the days for having Saturday off.

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    You are just to immature for a job

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