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Shall I wait for him to message me?

I (f 25)Newly single after so not used to this anymore. So I started dating (casually I.e. mostly sex oriented) this guy (25)and we’ve seen eachother once a week in the last three weeks. When he’s been over we’re laughing and having fun and he seems to enjoy spending time with me. He also always mentions coming back again.

But the last two times, I’m the one who asked to see him. I’m not trying to do the whole immature, ‘I’m waiting for him to message first’ thing, but I just don’t want to feel like we see eachother just because I request to. I considered maybe he waits for me to arrange because we always meet here as i have my own place and he lives with family. But surely he would still ask to come over right? I wanna see him but I’m beginning to feel like, if he wanted to see me again then simply, he’d ask to?


I have no feelings for him, we both agreed we want to date casually. If he’s using me for sex then I’m using him too lmao 

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    Yes, you might need to w8 years but it will happen

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    He's using you for sex and you're letting him. I would suggest not even talking to him anymore and going forward, don't allow men to use you. You're a big girl, figure it out that one was really simple.

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    If it was me then I would straight up tell him that we can take turns, and if he wants a booty call then he’s going to have to ask for one. But I can be pretty blunt. 

    If you just want sex then message him for sex the next time you want to see him, and maybe mention it - fact to face/or through text afterwards - that he is more then welcome to message you if he wants to roll around an extra time that week. He might just not want to push his luck or give you the impression that he wants an emotional relationship. 

    If you want to try building up to a relationship then you might want to mention that to him and see if he’s on the same page to see where it goes. 

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