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Stacy asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

Can someone tell Trump that in order for the courts to take his lawsuits serious, he has to provide some kind of evidence?

and not just baseless claims

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  • david
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    2 months ago

    Who will tell him?  Anyone in the White House that tells Trump something HE does not like gets FIRED (just like his stupid TV show). == So Lawyers?  What a joke!  They get paid to keep these stupid lawsuits going.  They would no longer get paid -- money is all that matters to a lawyer.  The PEOPLE need to stop listening to his crap, but about 47 percent are totally brainwashed by the LIES from Trump and the right.  

  • bluto
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    2 months ago

    Trump doesn’t care about evidence. The lawsuits are a dog and pony show so he can keep screaming “fraud” Publically. 

    Notice that not a single lawsuit actually alleges fraud. See if he did that frivolously and without any evidence to support the claim, his lawyers would be knowingly making false statements to the court.

    All his lawsuits thus far are over alleged irregularities that are either fabricated by trump or are not irregularities at all and Trump is trying to pigeonhole these lawsuits in deliberately undermine public faith in America and our democracy.

    Trump is not just filing frivolous claims he’s outright waging a war on democracy

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ya they keep going with what's evident to them. They go wanting what they expect .

    And then evidence needs to proven and there's another stretch 

  • 2 months ago

    Every state has a "vexatious litigant statute." In Texas, a vexatious litigant is defined as follows:


    CRITERIA FOR FINDING PLAINTIFF A VEXATIOUS LITIGANT. A court may find a plaintiff a vexatious litigant if the defendant shows that there is not a reasonable probability that the plaintiff will prevail in the litigation against the defendant and that:


    (1) the plaintiff, in the seven-year period immediately preceding the date the defendant makes the motion under Section 11.051, has commenced, prosecuted, or maintained at least five litigations as a pro se litigant other than in a small claims court that have been:


         (A) finally determined adversely to the plaintiff;


         (B) permitted to remain pending at least two years without having been brought to 

         trial or hearing; or


         (C) determined by a trial or appellate court to be frivolous or groundless under 

         state or federal laws or rules of procedure;


    (2) after a litigation has been finally determined against the plaintiff, the plaintiff repeatedly relitigates or attempts to relitigate, pro se, either:


         (A) the validity of the determination against the same defendant as to whom the 

         litigation was finally determined; or


         (B) the cause of action, claim, controversy, or any of the issues of fact or law 

         determined or concluded by the final determination against the same defendant

         as to whom the litigation was finally determined; or


    (3) the plaintiff has previously been declared to be a vexatious litigant by a state or federal court in an action or proceeding based on the same or substantially similar facts, transition, or occurrence.

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Yeah. I mean, just because you avoided the public hearing today doesn't mean you don't know anything. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    His supporters scatter and disappear when you ask them for evidence of his claims.  It's like roaches and bug spray.

    Example:  Not one Trump supporter was able to answer this simple question about evidence in court: Trumpers can't answer because they work in FEELINGS not facts.

  • 2 months ago

    Trump believes you just have to claim record fraud and the case should automatically go to the Supreme Court, for them to rubber stamp his overturning the election.

    Of course, we live in the real world.

  • debra
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    2 months ago

    ok, badda bing will get right on it.

    badda, call trump, tell him to get the evidence ready.  thanks

  • 2 months ago

    Someone IS telling him that. All of the Judges.

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