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What were the Nuremberg Laws?

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    Nürnberg Laws, two race-based measures depriving Jews of rights, approved by the Nazi Party at a convention in Nürnberg on September 15, 1935. One, the Reichsbürgergesetz (German: “Law of the Reich Citizen”), deprived Jews of German citizenship, designating them “subjects of the state.” The other, the Gesetz zum Schutze des Deutschen Blutes und der Deutschen Ehre (“Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour”)

    Note: ALL of the world hated Jews in one way or another.Early on Jews were not ALLOWED to own property that they could not carry,This drove Jews into Espionage, Banking, Law, Medicine, Light Trades (Jewelry) Entertainment, Writing, and Arts.Through Banking (once they eliminated competition from the Knights Templar) they controlled the Royals.After Jews got land rights, they moved into Journalism, Radio, Movies, Television (entertainment).

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    Type 'Nuremberg Laws' into a search engine and you will get all the information you can possible want.

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