Should men have to be forced to pay for child support?

So for those of you who said on my last question that "Men just sleep with women and can't handle the consequences" What about the women who get to sleep with as many men as they please? You're suggesting that women are allowed to sleep with as many men as they like and that men have to be careful otherwise they will be forced to pay child support. Don't you see how twisted that sounds?

If a woman can not afford to raise a child on her own than perhaps she maybe should abort the baby? But apparently to some of you that's not an option, and you would rather the man get punished by forking out money to raise a child versus doing what's better for the both of them. 

My viewpoint:


1. Woman keeps the baby if she chooses since it's her body

2. Woman aborts the baby if she chooses since it's her body


1. Doesn't get a say in whether the woman aborts the baby because it's her body. If the man wants to keep the kid tough luck, find a woman who does.

2. If the woman keeps the baby they don't get a say but they can avoid child support, to prevent them being trapped by a woman, and giving them sexual freedom.

Your viewpoint:


1. Woman keeps the baby if she chooses since it's her body.

2. Woman aborts the baby if she chooses since it's her body.


1. Doesn't get a say in whether a woman aborts a baby because it's her body her choice.

2. If the woman keeps the baby they don't get a say and GET TRAPPED without a choice by forced child support.

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  • Elana
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    2 months ago
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    Look up the concept of "Legalized Paternal Surrender" sometimes horrifically known as "financial abortion".

    Basically, a guy who doesn't want to be a father can (if early enough) notify the woman that he won't support the child (but in turn will have no paternal rights).  She is free to abort or not abort as she sees fit.

    Clearly feminists would argue against this because ... they have no desire to be fair to men and think women should have all reproductive options period.

    Certainly the idea that "he should just keep it in his pants" is never echoed by feminists saying "SHE should just keep it in her pants."

    The feminist argument actually DOES hold water IF women don't have the ability to abort in the event that he surrenders his rights (and responsibilities), but feminism (at least in the US) is pretty consistent about her having all rights of abortion but him having no rights of paternal surrender.

    This is one (of several) reasons I stopped calling myself a feminist:  The feminist push for more rights, more opportunities and no responsibility.

  • 2 months ago

    I have no problem with a man paying for child support after it is proven that the child is his.  My problem is why should I have to pay alimony we are divorced I should not have to support her.  The money should go into an account neither parent can touch until the child is 25 years old to make their own decisions. Now the exception would be if they actually need money to buy things which mom needs to show pictures, videos and sales receipt of what is being bought. 

  • david
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    2 months ago

    Reasonable child support expenses are by definition reasonable. If you don't want to pay any child support, be sure NOT to get anyone pregnant. However, if the baby's not yours, then support issues aren't yours either. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, a man should pay for his own kids because I, as a taxpayer, should not have to pay to support them. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes, man should have responsibility for their children, even if they are not living with them.   The problem, isn’t that men pay child support, the problem is they are required to pay notably more than they would for a child under their care.   I know one woman who not only paid for her child, but herself as well off child support payments.   That’s not right.   

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you don't want to pay for kids you don't want or don't like, then keep your diiick in your pants. It's that simple. 

    Monetary support for offspring. That's what you're against. You put all of this on the woman as being 'allowed' to be slutty then making men 'pay' for their alleged 'sluttiness'. Doesn't hold water. You want men to escape any and all responsibility for sex, for creating children, for helping support their own children in any fashion. You've turned men into fish that just swim by, squirt some sperm, then swim away. 

    You've also shown that men are not needed or wanted much in human reproduction efforts. Was that your aim here? That men can be relegated to the dust bin, except for a few breeding specimens women keep around for conception purposes? That's pretty extreme. 

    It also negates that men do indeed like being fathers, want to be fathers. That there are wonderful dads out there, with enough nurture in them to fuel the entire USA's power grid. You turn men into indifferent sex fiends who are incapable of feeling, fidelity, sexual maturity or adulthood. What you are advocating is men to remain boys, with no ability to take any sort of actual responsibility for anything they do, say or cause to take place. 

    If men don't want to pay child support, then make sure you are not creating unwanted children you don't want or can't be bothered with. Take some actual responsibility and measures for that. Stop putting this all on women as their problem only, with men getting a pass here as they have for centuries. 

    Also, women are often given custody of their own children. This leads to economic hardships, as childcare is insanely expensive, as you are indeed whining about. That's why child support was invented. It shouldn't have to be invented and enforced by courts, but here we are. You can't leave a two year old alone at home as you try to work three jobs. Ask women about this one or men, for that matter. 

    So STFU. Pay if you owe. They are your kids. Take the **** care of them, even if it's just a tiny check grudgingly sent once a month, if that. 

  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    So long as you're not also ragging on women who choose to abort I have no strong disagreement with you. It's the hypocrisy of those who would deny both termination and child support that most find specious. 

  • 2 months ago

    You've made some valid points.  There are other options, ie adults learn to take responsibilities with their own bodies or those of their chosen sexual partners.  If you want to sleep with multiple partners, make sure your using a reliable form of contraceptive.

    Here in the UK we have modern medical services that provide dedicated staff to hand out emergency pills that have to be taken within 48 hours of unprotected (or failed contraceptives) sex, to prevent possible pregnancies.

    I think the UK is one of the many progressive countries, when it comes to offering specialist Medical teams Advisers on Planned and Unplanned Parenting.  In the US your country is too religious and backward and in most US States Abortion is either very hard to obtain or illegal.  America is similar to some Roman Catholic countries like Southern Ireland and Poland that have outlawed Abortion.

    The other issue that I'm not sure is addressed that often is what happens to the men that don't want to become a parent, but whose sexual partner does want to and continues the pregnancy and then goes on to expect the reluctant father to offer financial help?  It all boils down to , please use contraceptives that are proven to work, learn how to use them properly and hope this is enough to stop any unwanted pregnancies.

  • 2 months ago

    I didn't finish reading your sexist rant but will answer your question anyway. Okay? Yes men should be required to pay child support if they impregnate women. If they refuse, they should be locked up. You haven't factored in institutional sexism that women face and male privilege. Us women are at a disadvantage when it comes to equal pay, hiring, and accommodations for being pregnant. So how are we supposed to survive if we're made pregnant and are left the burden of the aftermath of sex? And why should we have to abort if we don't want to? Abortion is a very traumatizing procedure that most women use as a last resort. Leave it to men to want to emotionally abuse us by forcing us to get abortions every time they get us pregnant so they can avoid child support. Abortion is a women's right to choose. We shouldn't be forced into it because a man's a dead beat.

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    it takes two to make a foetus

    but only one can die giving birth

    So yeah, if you don't want responsibility for a baby, use protection or get a legal contract first

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