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Exactly how successful are these entrepreneurial "gurus" that are all over social media?

If you know what I'm talking about, you know what I'm talking about. The guys who tout their "highly successful" affiliate marketing or drop shipping or forex trading or real estate or whatever the hell business that they say rakes in the dough. And all they want to do is help you become a millionaire as well. Not saying I'd follow any of these accounts like they're prophets, but I'm a guy in my early 20s seriously considering a side hustle in potentially one or two of these areas. Maybe drop shipping is the one I'm most looking at. I'm just curious as to just how realistic it is for people to make legitimate bucks by engaging in these endeavors. Are these guys telling the truth to any degree or are they just mass produced con artists?

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    2 months ago

    They lie.  They lie like road kill on the highway.

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    They make a lot of money selling you their 'course' on how to do it.

    Remember...those who cannot do...Teach.  

    These people cannot do the drop-shipping so they trick you into thinking they made a lot of money and then sell you a course or seminar that you have to attend ...and use their materials...which they sell order to be successful...which they were not.

    If you buy their course, you will also not be successful...but you will not make money doing it.

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    They are not successful at Drop Shipping.  They are making 95% of their money from selling YOU their 'PROVEN METHOD' for making money from Drop Shipping.

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    There are some people who do their homework, research the market, pick the right niche, and actually make money within a year or two. Most brag, of course, make themselves sound rather more successful than they really are. And some are flash-in-the-plan - a fluke which takes off, but the fad doesn't last. Do your homework! Learn about the business before you spend the money.

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  • n2mama
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    2 months ago

    It reminds me of the “let me teach you how to flip houses” ads that used to be all over, some years ago when house flipping first became a hot thing. HGTV made it look so easy to just find a fixer upper, put in a little sweat equity, and turn a big profit. So people started running these seminars where they would teach you all the secrets to successful flipping. The truth of the matter was it was essentially a scam. After all, there are only so many properties available to buy and fix up, and if it really was that easy to make big bucks doing it, why would you share that knowledge to anyone willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for the seminar when you could be making so much more just doing the flipping? No, the seminars was where they made the money.

    Some people may make legitimate bucks doing those things, but not many of them, and the ones that do would never give away their money making secrets for free. And if it’s not free, because they just want you to pay a small fee for this or that, well, then it’s almost certainly a scam. Not saying that you shouldn’t do it, but proceed with extreme caution.

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    2 months ago

    If they were making money doing what they say you should do they would not need to be selling you stuff.

    Drop shipping is highly unrealistic for most.  I did it for one item for about a year. Never found any other items where I could make a profit dropshipping.  You probably won't either.

    Real Estate makes people money. They buy a house and it increases in value sometimes a lot over 20-30 years.  And people make money renting them out and flipping them too. Its a lot of work and requires a lot of capital. And most are unlikely to make much at first while they learn.

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