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Why do white people get to get away with being the only ones to enslave black people?

So they can just screw over a group of people and go on their merry way?

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    I'm not really sure. But I've heard of this one larger all black society who hold whites as their slaves. The males are forced to walk on their knees with a dog collar and leash with just their bottoms covered which allows all their female owners to trade each 

    other for who's biggest. The females are owned by males only who are forced to walk around in the nude and I can't say anymore on yahoo.

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    1 week ago

    Brown people had white slaves, white people had black slaves, black people had black slaves... Roman people had all of the above, Egyptian rulers had all of the above. Quit being a butt hurt idiot. You were never a slave, and I never owned a slave. Whats your point?

  • 2 months ago

    actually the first slave was white owned by a black man so read so you can educate yourself or how about this get a job!

  • 2 months ago

    Black people enslaved blacks. Arabs enslaved blacks. Others would have if they had contact with them.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The slaves shipped to the western hemisphere were captured and sold off by black tribes in western Africa. Blacks should be suffering from "collective race guilt" over slavery as much as whitie. Now go your merry way and read some real history instead of revisionist BLM nonsense . . . .

  • 2 months ago

    Slavery is not as "black and white" as you may believe and the slavery narrative in American is very superficial in its ignoring of history.

    White people weren't the "only ones" to enslave black people. Black people were equally responsible. Slavery was indigenous to African and Arabic countries long before ancient Europe adopted slavery, but black slave owners in Africa eventually sold fellow blacks to the Europeans. Slavery is not unique to black people. Slavery has been occurring as far back as recorded history goes and almost every nation was involved in slavery at some point. For centuries, tribes have enslaved other tribes and continue to do so. Polynesians enslaved other Polynesians. Native Americans enslaved other Native Americans (hell they enslaved black people too). Slavery wasn't even racial until the Trans-Atlantic slave trade took off. For centuries, it was easier to enslave whoever was on the same continent. That ship that landed in America in 1619 intercepted a Portuguese ship carrying the "20 and odd" black people. Why not call out the Portuguese and Spanish too? They enslaved Africans way earlier in like the 1400s, but no one talks about that.

    White slavery existed too. Slavic people were enslaved. There was slavery in the Ottoman empire and ancient Rome. White Christians in Spain were enslaved. There was slavery under Islamic rule. And what about the Muslim Arab slave trade? Black people sold slaves to them too, more in fact. Then there's the Barbary slave trade. Are we to ignore the fact that over a million Europeans were enslaved? I'd say white people experienced their fair share of slavery too. So why only call out white people as the sole perpetrators who should be punished when the same can be said of all the races? The history of slavery is much more intricate than you seem to realize or you're only concerned with the plight of black people and no other race.

    Moreover, before the 18th century, white people living in America were essentially slaves too. They were enslaved via indentured servitude for a duration and released with a plot of land after they paid their debts. Some freely became indentured. Some were coerced. Many tried to escape after becoming indentured alongside black indentured slaves and were treated horribly. In Virginia, in the 1600s, white indentured slaves greatly outnumbered black indentured ones, who made up less than 4% of the population. Black people in America enslaved other black people too. After Anthony Johnson, a black man, was freed from his indentured servitude, he was given a plot of land and went on to PURCHASE African slaves for himself. But sure, let's just ignore all nuance and scapegoat white people for all slavery.

    That said, what are modern day black people supposed to even do? Enslave white people as revenge? The white people in America today had nothing to do with their enslavement. Getting revenge would just be hypocritical. Less than 7% of white people in America were even slave owners (though that number rises to like 25% if you include slaveholder households). Some white people were even for abolitionism as early as the late 1600s.

    And let's not forget human trafficking. You can slap a different label on it, but it's still slavery and it affects ALL races in the present. Isn't that a more pressing concern in modern times than seeking revenge on whites for a practice now abolished in America?

    Again, slavery is not so black and white. This is not to absolve the Europeans of their involvement in the slave trade or to minimize the plight of black slaves of course, but by stating that whites were the "only ones" to enslave others, there's an insinuation that slavery is something unique to black people and perpetuated solely by white people when that's far from the case and ignores all nuance of said topic. People's lives, across all races, were screwed over by slavery. And yes, unfortunately, most of those slave owners went on their "merry way indeed."

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    2 months ago

    Because Pharaoh started it... Then it just carried it on....

    World without end....

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    2 months ago

    Conservatives are racist 

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