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Mom constantly asks me to kill myself and denies me food. There seems to be no way out unless I'm 18?

I am almost 15 and she has hated me forever. She said she never intended on having me and regrets having me. Out of all my family she only mistreats me never other children. She denies me food and says "now starve you are a brat" even tho i am not a brat. I am good in studies and among the top performers at school. I give her whatever money i get hold off or earn through jobs like doing house-keeping stuff for neighbors, selling my things (whenever i clean my room i sell away what i dont need now), academics-related prizes etc. She hates me and when i ask her why she says i didnt want to have you, why did i ever have you etc,. She asks me to kill myself and relieve her ALL day

My dad is aware of this but he comes over ever weekend (they are not divorced). Every weekend he gives me some money and sneaks food (outside food - mcdonalds, burger king, etc.) to me which i try to eat sparingly so it lasts 3-4 days. He says mom still loves me she's just a bit immature and ignore her, but i dont think so!

What can i do now? I feel suicidal because everyone at school has perfect families. Im so embarassed. Ofcourse i fake having a good family at school because it would be embarassing if everyone comes to know that i dont have food to eat at home and receive constant suicide provoking at home. How will i survive, please tell me what to do? I'm the only one who is unlucky with this problem


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    Then you need to go to your school and involve social services as this is child abuse

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    You need a social worker or child protective services. Sometimes you have to become your own best parent. 

    And don't have any kids of your own until you get an education and you're stable. 

  •  No family is perfect all families argue. Im 16 I just suggest you find a way out cause thats straight up abuse... 

     Counselor- From my experience they tend to not help much i don't suggest it. They will usally just contact your parents.Police- If you get proof like a video of your mom saying those things to you that might helpFamily- if your dad isnt helping you, you could move in with him or find another family member aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousins..Priest- You can talk to them i don't really know what they can do..Vent to your close friend about whats been going on you shouldn't be embarrassed and it will be a step in the right direction.Don't you dare ever consider suicide your stronger then that!! Don't ever let her get her way she shoudlnt be treating you like that.IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS- you could technically just run away. You could stay with your friends and then go somewhere from there. I don't suggest this but you could... 

    I know your just a random yahoo stranger but i really do hope you can overcome this cause whats happening to you is so wrong you should be having to deal with homework and silly school drama not this. 

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    You need professional advice.  Is there a childcare services unit in your 'hood.  Look them up on the web, which you clearly know how to use.  Perhaps there is a church you go to?  See the priest/minister there on the sly and talk to him about what you just wrote here.

    But in any case, you need professional/legal help; not Answers.

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    Call the police, this is fully illegal it’s not legal to abuse your child and deny them food that’s child abuse, child protective services can help you, tell a trusted teacher or advisor at school. You’re 15 you shouldn’t have to deal with this, you should be enjoying your youth.

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    Knowing psychology, you are the wrong one here. The point that stands out:

    "Out of all my family she only mistreats me, never other children."

    This usually means you are the one that is careless, rude or disrespectful towards her. And your Ego just convinces you that everything you do is right so you are confused now.

    Or, you can speak to child services.

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    2 months ago

    Talk to your school counselor, Child protective service's, the police, or your dad! It is abuse to not feed or (allow food) to your children, who is underage. I would make a call, to one of those places/people. Do not commit suicide, you will get through this, what you need right now is to get out of that house, and get somewhere safe, that will treat you right and feed you! 

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    The first thing I'll say is don't you consider suicide as it's the coward's easy way out and you're not a coward. You've proven that you're tough by putting up with the abuse thus far. The problem is mostly with your Mom, although your Dad is somewhat responsible as he's aware of it and does little to stop it. Starving a child is a criminal offense along with most of the abuse you're undergoing. I would report your Mom to the police and let them take appropriate action. 

  • Orla C
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    2 months ago

    Go talk to your school counsellor and tell her what's going on. Ask for help. 

    Call the police and tell them what's going on. Ask for help. 

    You can continue being embarrassed and living in this situation, or you can cop on and help yourself by telling the truth and asking for help. 

  • 2 months ago

    Go live with your father, full-time. Tell him what's really going on, tell him you're feeling suicidal, and make sure he understands and believes you. If he doesn't, or won't take you in, call CPS immediately. and talk a school counselor about the issue. You need to be out of that house. 

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