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Fantastic Four not diverse enough?

Going forward the MCU will supposedly focus on more diverse characters, such as female ones and non-white ones. Why then would the studio want the Fantastic Four, who are all white, and whose only female character often comes off as a stereotype of women?


I agree they could change some of their ethnic backgrounds. I also think Galactus is a potentially cool idea. However, I'd personally prefer they use new or underutilized heroes that haven't failed on-screen four times.

Update 2:

Also, stop complaining about "SJWs" or whatever. Rational people don't do that.

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    Most of the FF are family and it happens to be a white one.  However, you can always write a fan fiction story where the FF of an alternate reality are different from the originals.  

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    2 months ago

    Just because they're white in the comics, that doesn't mean they have to be white in the movies.  The movies could easily make them other races.  Their powers aren't derived from their skin color.

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    All this social justice crap will eventually destroy everything.  If you want to insist that skin color, gender and ethnicity are absolutely essential to making judgments about people, have at it.  But don’t expect rational thinking humans to follow you down into that pit of stupidity.

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    If anything, Marvel probably wants to use the Fantastic Four villains, Doctor Doom and Galactus, both of whom are regarded as the most dangerous villains in the Marvel universe after Thanos.

    Because Doctor Doom's origins and Galactus' introduction in the comics are connected to the Fantastic Four, Marvel would have to introduce them as well. It wouldn't be too difficult to make them more modern like they did with every other Marvel hero.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because they're a cool team of heros. We have plenty of space for different characters and teams, and I'll probably watch fantastic four instead of those other ones. 

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