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Regarding screen savers?

There is a picture I like on Pinterest.  I wanted to put that picture as a screen saver.  Not the main screen on my HP laptop, where when the computer was on sleep you click - not that place but the next place, when you have all the applications, just before you would click on the icon for example to open google chrome.  Can I do this? Can I also put a picture I have saved on Word?  If you know please explain in detail and very simply and clearly. 


It was a bit hard to save the picture... But I did it thanks all!

Update 2:

The pictures are too big and blurry.  Is there a way to choose the size of the picture when you copy it?

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    You can make it the user-chosen screen saver on Windows 10 operating systems easily enough.

    First you have to save the image to your computer. When you save the picture, you want to save the biggest version you can find, not the small display on Pinterest. I usually do an image search on Google seeking the largest version, even if it's bigger than my screen.

    I like to have a file within my Pictures file named Screensaver so I can find it easily, and I try to name it meaningfully, like TreesInLineDawn or StarfishGreenWater.

    To make it your screensaver, click the four-paned Windows symbol in the bottom left corner of your quick launch bar. Click on the gear symbol that pops up, Settings. Click on Personalization, then Background, then Browse to find your picture.

    Once you do it, and see how easy it is, you'll probably start collecting images that go with certain days, the seasons, holidays, etc.

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    You mean your desktop background? Right click on the image, click save image as... and save it to the file Pictures (you can rename the save to make it easy to find), locate the Pictures folder on either your desktop or in the File Explorer or in My Computer, find the picture you saved, right click on the picture, click set as desktop background, done. 

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