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why would a well-liked teenager be bullied (need reasons) ?

for my english class we've been doing a lot of creative writing, which has inspired me to start writing on my own. I've created a story just for fun. one part of the story has my character being bullied. I've been brainstorming reasons they could be bullied but if someone could list reasons that another individual would want to bully a kind and likable kid, that would really help. I know jealousy is a factor I'm just looking for more help... I will try to make these ideas my own just trying to jog my brain. thanks, mirabelle :) 


im in 9th grade English and if my story turns out well I might share it with the class :)

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    I've stood up to bullies several times in my life to protect friends and random kids in my school, and what the bullies all had in common were that they were popular kids, good-looking, came from seemingly well-functioning "white-picket fence" families, and that they didn't seem like mean kids in other connections. In fact, I didn't know that one of my friends from school became the worst bully of another friend after I moved away, almost driving him to suicide. We were adults when he told me and it completely changed my impression of her.

    None of the bullies I confronted broke down in tears, like you see in movies. They either tried to bully me as well (unsuccessfully) or they simply backed off.

    I'm not saying that the popular theory about bullies bullying because something's wrong in their home-life, with their self-esteem etc. is wrong, because who knows what kind of dynamic there is in a seemingly harmonious family once the door closes? I know from myself that  my home-environment wasn't what others thought it was.

    But from what I could see, it seemed more like entertainment. That the bullies thought the  bullied kids were somehow lesser than they were and fair game. I know that many bullies as adults can't even remember them bullying others, and even if they do, then often they have very little comprehension of how their behaviour negatively affected others. So maybe it's a lack of empathy?

    As for the kids bullied: They were all really sweet kids. One was a bit socially awkward due to not having that much contact with other kids before starting 1st grade, one was obese, one was painfully shy etc. but on the other hand, there were socially awkward, obese, and shy kids who weren't bullied.

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    I knew two great people who were bullied in high school, despite being very kind and wonderful people.

    One was Wiccan and was sent to a Catholic high school as punishment by her family.  She killed herself.

    One was bullied because he was gay. Again, sent to Catholic school to "fix" him.  He also killed himself.

    If the school is Christian, it's a pit of vipers who will relentlessly attack anyone who doesn't conform.  My parents were survivors of Catholic schools, which is why I was one of the few kids in my neighborhood to be sent to public schools and so managed to escape some serious psychological trauma.

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    well they could be bullied by less popular people jealous that they are more popular than themselves.

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    For their family history, sexuality, who they are firneds with, jealousy, blackmail

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    An Inferiority complex makes a Fat Person a Bully

    Racism makes the Victim a Bully

    an Ugly Girl Bullies Girls with Friends

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