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Can chlamydia transmission be through blood?

So my bf works at a blood donor center and one of the donor's blood squirted directly into his eye. Can you get chlamydia if you get someone else's blood in your system? (a lot of it) He tested positive so I don't know if I should believe that's the reason he got it. They did a rapid hiv test at his work on the blood and it came out negative. Then he just got the other std tests done a few days ago and chlamydia came out positive. I have been looking all over the internet to see if it is possible to get chlamydia from someone else's blood but I have yet to find a straight answer. 

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    Maybe he could get tested? 

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    Why do you even care when it’s a treatable infection ? 

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    Chlamydia is a genital infection and not a systemic infection that involves the blood. There are no cases of chlamydia transmitted through blood transfusions and if that were the case the blood banks would test for it so as not to transfuse such blood. They do not test for chlamydia when you donate blood for transfusion. They test for syphilis because it can be transmitted as such. If you are interested in the infectious agents that can be transmitted through blood also known as blood borne infections then the following is a list


    As far as accidental exposure to blood borne infections yes HIV along with hepatitis testing are included in all exposures to blood and body fluids.

    What is not included in such exposures are "sexually" transmitted infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. In order to test for STI's one uses either genital swabs or urine to test for those two because they are not commonly transmitted through the blood. Gonorrhea can sometimes travel to the joints and chlamydia can go up into the tubules or higher in females but that's as far as it will go. 

    It's just not the way chlamydia is transmitted. I am sorry but nobody does gonorrhea and chlamydia testing after being exposed to blood. 

    Clinical Laboratory Scientist 40 years and yes I have seen it all and this is a first. 

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    For the second time, that's extremely unlikely. Blood transmission of chlamydia is usually only seen in IV drug abusers sharing needles. It would be darned near impossible to get the way he described. And verifying his story is just way too simple. Any accidental exposure such as you described would automatically mean he'd have an incident report and/or WC claim, plus test results for HIV & hepatitis, NOT chlamydia. And follow-up testing would be required for weeks afterward. If he can't show you that paperwork, he's lying.

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