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What made Tacitus and Josephus conclude that the Jewish Messianic prophecy must have been fulfilled by Vespasian?

As we read below, both Josephus and Tacitus (perhaps sarcastically) wrote that they presume the Jewish prophecy of a man from Judahs own nation, named Viz, would become Messiah, must have been denoting Vespasian.

"Josephus (as well as Tacitus), reporting on the conclusion of the Jewish war, reported a prophecy that around the time when Jerusalem and the Second Temple would be taken, a man from their own nation, viz. the Messiah, would become governor "of the habitable earth". Josephus interpreted the prophecy to denote Vespasian and his appointment as emperor in Judea.[13][14]".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vespasian .

However, appart from the name similarity, what made them (joke or otherwise) state that this prophecy must have been fulfilled by Roman emperor Vespasian? .

I fail to see any relevance.

All i can think of is:

(a) they are trying to suggest that Jews are Messenian Greeks, and Vespasian was Greco-Roman?.

(b) they are trying to suggest Vespasian was a Jew?.

How exactly do they conclude that the prophecy could have been fulfilled by Vespasian?.

And don't you think he looks like Lex Luthar?.

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    "named Viz" 

    Tongue in cheek, eh mate?



    adverb BRITISH

    namely; in other words (used to introduce a gloss or explanation).

    The Roman general Vespasian, who attacked the Jews, may seem an odd candidate for a Messiah, but nonetheless, his coup d'état in 70 was regarded as the fulfillment of the famous Balaam prophecy that

    a star shall come out of Jacob and a scepter will rise out of Israel. It shall crush the foreheads of Moab and break down all the sons of Sheth. Edom shall be dispossessed.note

    There were two comet. One appeared in late 64,note the other, in 69, is mentioned by Cassius Dio.note Most people thought that the new ruler would be the liberator of Israel, but Flavius Josephus claims to have found the true meaning of the prophecy.


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    2 months ago

    What does any of this have to do with the Messenians?

    Just because the word 'Messiah' sounds a little like it? That just bad reasoning, Steven.

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    It is a safe bet that said prophecies weren't filled by Yeshua bar-Yosef.

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    Maybe you should try reading his book and find out for yourself.....

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