How to check my internet speed on Pc ?

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  • 2 months ago

    The typical websites to check your connection are...

    * Speed Test (for internet speeds) --

    * Ping Test (for lag times & stability) --

    Both sites allow you to select the desired test server from their worldwide network.  Please be aware that some ISP's are sponsoring these servers, so there can be some potential bias.

    For testing your ISP, going with a nearby server is recommended for minimum distance.

    For testing your connection in general, going with a major internet hub (for the US, that would be Seattle, Los Angles, Denver, Dallas, Omaha, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York & Boston to name a few) is recommended as they're typically going to be where the major servers are & will give you a bit more "typical connection".

    If you visit sites outside your country (like Japan, England, Germany, ect.), consider using a test server from them for a reasonable expectation of connection quality.  While this is more of an edge case deal, it should give you more "worst case" scenarios with your connection.

    With all connection tests, you should do multiple runs (typically 3 is enough) to help detect outliers with a single test & to give you an average.

    CAUTION: Due to the lack of Net Neutrality protection, some ISP's may prioritize traffic to certain servers, networks & connections OVER others...  Comcast, as an example, is known to throttle BitTorrent connections.  It's possible that some ISP's with connections to cable or satellite services to throttle VOD services (like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ect.) in order to make their TV services more appealing.

    As a result, you might want to dig into all the fine-print paperwork your ISP provides if you suspect any discrepancies in service.

  • opurt
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    2 months ago

    Go to

    Those are speed checking servers run by Netflix and give you a good indication of how fast your connection truly is. Some less scrupulous ISPs will prioritize some speed checking sites to give you inflated numbers.

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