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Was there fraud in the 1995 Quebec Independence movement, like there is in the US election now?

Quebecois at that time voted YES, they did NOT vote NO (ditto 1980). The English Canadians panicked and got their filthy hands on the voting; they STOLE that referendum!

And despite the ROC stealing that election, there were no lawsuits. The French Quebecois are weak and accepted their own loss I guess.

And we all know Trump easily got reelected, and Biden and the Democrats cheated!

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    Naaaah, Canada is a REAL free country, this does not happen like in other countries.

    Canadians does not pretend freedom, but practice it.

    French Canadians accepted the loss because they're loyal to democracy and real freedom fighters.

    Even in the US, faking the elections is really ultra difficult, but Trump is lying, as usual, I do not envy Americans now under Dump, I did envy them in the past.

  • 3 months ago

    I have worked for elections in Canada for many years, and the way we do them, it would be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to "rig" one.  Our system really prevents that very well.

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