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Were the Amorites originally Semitic speakers? Or was the Akkadian lingua franca made up of Sumerian and Amoritic components?

Ok, so it appears that the best guess for who conquered the Sumerians, were the Amorites.

However, i have heard it said, that it was the "Semitic speaking Amorites".

However, the Akkadian empire is founded in around 2300 BC.

The earliest attestation to the Amorites being Semitic speakers, is around 500 years "after" this. 1800 BC.

"Known Amorites wrote in a dialect of Akkadian found on tablets at Mari dating from 1800–1750 BC. Since the language shows northwest Semitic forms, words and constructions, the Amorite language is a Northwest Semitic language, and possibly one of the Canaanite languages.".

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amorites#Origin .

Therefore, there is no proof they spoke the lingua franca prior to the emergence of Akkadian language?

Was the lingua franca made up of Sumerian and Amorite components?

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    I believe they spoke Cebuano with Australian accents. Check Wikipedia mate. 

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    Now we have learned what lingua franca means we are going to continue using it in an incorrect way.

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