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Car Accident legal advice ?

On October 5th 2020 I was involved in a car accident in Florida and I was passenger in the at fault vehicle. I had a pre existing broken wrist and I recieved a concussion and a hematoma on my left knee. They do not know the wrist was already injured, but the medical bills I have leftover after the PIP on the drivers policy is used is about to be fully used up and their will be a $2,000 remainder in medical bills. I am from NC, and on medicaid, the car insurance, GEICO and their lawyers are requesting a proof of no lien from medicaid before they pay the $7500 settlement. Is $7500 enough? Could I get more? Are they able to legally ask for proof of no lien from medicaid? 

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    How many more times are you going to post this? It's getting boring now.

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