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You start own Wrestling promotion so WWE Won't sue you and run out of business what do you name it, Who do you steal after the 90-day rule ?

The 90 days no complete Clause after WWE let's someone go 


To all who answer unlike some I am a dreamer who sees what is not seen the Promise land of victory and valley's of life always around  with Angels on high 

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  • Do you want to explain to me why WWE wouldn't try to run you out of business when that is what they have been doing to other Professional Wrestling Promotions for 5 Decades? You are clueless and your question is bogus.

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    The first person I steal is Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss since they are the sexiest divas. I would make millions taking 50% from their onlyfans. Next I would get Nia Jax since she is safest to work with and no one would get injured working with her. She is very skilled and has big boobies also. Finally I would bring in Lars Sullivan and Jake Atlas which would reach to the Gay Community. I would have top wrestling promotion of all l time with these sports entertainers 

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    you are an idiot if you think WWE will just because a new promotion opens us proves you know nothing about the business.

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    Id take 3 initially

    Start with AJ styles. Great worker with experience and enough to build around in the first few years

    Paul heyman to run creative and provide mic work

    Kofi Kingston similar to AJ, ideal first feud to help

    Then supplement them with some NXT guys or guys that haven't really been given a run yet. Then build them up. 

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