Need help figuring out why my 2004 Nissan Murano gave out on me.?

Hello! I was driving on the highway in my nissan murano 2004 and all of a sudden my cars Battery light and oil light came on, my car started smoking on the right side. I pulled to the side of the road and turned the car off to cool cause it was overheating a bit as well. But after that when I tried starting my car it wouldn't start but it did try to turn over. Headlights work, dash lights and car alarm works still.

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  • 1 month ago

    You have a BAD PULLEY of some kind I figure! OPEN the HOOD and see if your SERPENTINE BELT is EVEN THERE to drive the ALTERNATOR and that AC and the STEERING! IT STALLED for a REASON! This is WHY It is a GOOD IDEA to wash your engine down every few moths with GUNK ORIGINAL ORANGE ENGINE CLEANER! PERHAPS OIL got onto your drive belt and ROTTED IT AWAY on the highway!.IT is NOT that serious hopefully! I HOPE you did NOT blow up your TIMING CHAIN! IT happened to ME once with a very high mileage NISSAN MAXIMA. BLEW the whole FRONT COVER OFF! I tend to blame OIL CHOICES for this so IF you get it fixed NEVER USE VALVOLINE< that NO FACTORY on earth will use. MOST NISSAN engines are VERY COMPLEX and REQUIRE Only full synthetic oil ONLY! I RECOOMEND PEZNNOILULTRA PLATINUM or TOTAL ENERGY OIL for ASIAN cars, or AMSOIL for ASIAN cars! YOUR TIMING CHAIN is kept TAUGHT by OIL PRESSURE and if the OIL did not get through the CHAIN COULD BREAK on you! HOPE for the BEST1   

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    2 months ago

    If you are driving along and the battery light AND the oil light both came on, it is likely that your engine stalled. 

    In that case, the vehicle will decelerate until it is no longer moving. 

    If you attempt to steer while you are still moving, the car will still steer, but the slower your car is moving the harder it will be to steer, IF you have hydraulic power steering.

  • 2 months ago

    I hope the engine is not one that can't take being overheated at least once.

    My guess is that the serpentine belt broke and when it did the engine started over heating. Because you missed the alternator light coming on (or ignored it) the engine ran till it over heated blowing out the coolant. The ignition system is soaked with coolant and could be shorting out.

    The good news is the engine at this point is not locked up. It turns over. If the engine is like a lot I have driven, after it cools down all the way it should recover. But if you pour water into a hot engine- the block (or head) might crack ( or warp).

    Because you seem to be car illiterate, get it towed off the road and to a dependable repair shop.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are on the side of the road.  So pop the hood and get out and take a look.  It is about time you learn where the horses mouth is and its butt...and everything in between.  They had saddles on horses so they would check the cinches to be sure they were properly tight.

    . You are doing the same thing.  So you immediately look for the V belts.  Is one still turning over the alternator and is fairly tight?Yes? Then find the engine oil dipstick, pull it up and wipe the hot oil on your pant leg because  your a man. (and I told you so)  Other people will use a Kleenex or TP which is carried in the car just in case, or a rag. and wipe off the dip stick. It is hot.  Now reinsert the dipstick down its dipstick tube all the way, give it 5 seconds and pull it.   Hopefully you are doing this in the daylight or near a street lamp or have a flashlight so you can see the oil level in the oil pan or crank case or sump(3 names for same item)  there are marks on the dipstick and the highest mark is the one closest to your pull finger.  Oil should be under the maximum amount but over the minimum amount. Preferably between the two marks...that is fine.

    Then you know it is not a low oil level issue. "Which could = a SEIZED motor.  If the oil is right then the engine is probably not seized.

    .   Trying to turn over is a "wew, wew, wew, wew" sound.  Just say the sound and you know what cranking sounds like.   That is actually turning over...the engine.

    .   If when you turn the key it goes click, click, click-that is almost dead battery.  Or the alternator V belt broke off MANY miles ago.  If it is daylight and you do not have running lights or A/C on, you can drive for 8 hours on JUST BATTERY JUICE.   But the red light that says Bat. red Light would have turned on immediately showing there is a problem with the charging system. Red Light means STOP. Fix the problem and you are on the roll.

    Same for Engine Red Light( it used to be oil pressure light) When that comes on, you shut down the engine immediately...or the engine will be frucked.

    .  Right now, I can't pinpoint the problem.  You are stuck waving down a Tow Truck.  A mechanic has to look at it to figure it out.  It will be faster that way because it is not something simple.

    .  The smoking is irrelevant.  Chances are good there is oil on top of the motor and that is what is burning off.

     No horse schit. mechanic 35+ years.

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  • 2 months ago

    Those lights came on because the engine turned off. There are many possible causes. Overheating  may be from coolant loss through a leak/burst hose (steam, not smoke shows). Look in the radiator to see if it'slow...low is bad. Look at the engine's pulleys to see if the serpentine belt is missing -- They last years, but can wear out and leave, just like Elvis. 

    Since the water pump is driven by the cam chain, losing the serpentine belt leaves you running off just the battery, so when it becomes weak, the engine may shut down. That particular water pump will run whenever the engine runs.That wouldn't normally allow overheating while the car is moving, but when standing still, you need the electric fans to cool the engine. Severe overheating can cause the engine to seize. Major repair can fix that. You will need a mechanic to examine the engine to determine the extent of the damage and how to fix it. There are other possibilities, and I don't want to load up along list of wrong guesses. My feeling is this event begins a season of sadness and expense. Maybe these 16 years have been good, but are coming to a sad end for your Murano. Maybe not, if you're lucky.

  • 2 months ago

    Almost anytime the oil light comes on, the engine is in trouble.  If it was overheating as well, then it could be really bad.  

        A lot depends on the order of events.  Did the battery light come on first ?  Had it been overheating before the lights came on?

       Sounds like your battery still has power, so that means the battery is OK but there may be a problem with the alternator or the belt that powers it.

         If the oil light was on but the engine was still running, that means that the oil pressure was low (or nonexistent).  This ruins internal engine parts quickly.

         The engine overheating could cause the 'smoke' (really steam) or it could be the belt driving the alternator.   Numerous things will cause an engine to overheat, including lack of coolant and lack or oil.

        I can only think that you may have more than one issue.

  • 2 months ago

    Looks like an engine failure to me.

  • 2 months ago

    Probably good it is not starting indicating something very wrong with it. You don't need to figure it out. Tow it to a trusted garage you know of. Let them diagnose it and then you can FIGURE out your options. It sounds like it threw the serp belt but that is just a guess from here. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    The lights came on because the engine stalled. Not sure why it overheated, or if it was smoke or steam. Bring it to a mechanic.

  • 2 months ago

    Are the drive belts still on the Motor? If the motor barely cranks when trying to start it there likely isn't enough electrical power to run the fuel injection system to start the motor.

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