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Would you determine the father unfit in this custody situation if you were a judge in KY? ?

My ex was caught sexting a minor back in nov 2019 while in the military,was found guilty and  he lost rank, in return of him losing rank he was kicked out for not making rank in time, I also have a witness to another incident prior to my son being born for the same thing but he paid $10,000 for it to go away. He has now moved into his girlfriends house (which is her mother and fathers home)she had lived with us prior due to her father abusing her so I’m not ok with my son there. I have also caught them in a lie about who was watching our son and it was suppose to be a mutual friend but was in fact her mother. My ex’s girlfriend watches and takes care of my son. He’s never really taken care of him since he was born. I’m primary in our separation agreement but I really feel he isn’t capable of making smart decisions for my son and I’m considering going for sole custody. I don’t mind visitation for him but I need security for my son when he is with his father. My son is 2 and a half and I was a homemaker before I left my ex and I still am as my partner works for our household. I also have a few witness from where he was caught cheating that are willing to speak on my behalf. I also have medical records from every time he visited and got sick (which is probably due to the amount of animals that were in the home that were being neglected). So if you were handling this case what tips or advice would you input. Thank you.

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    I think you'd have to prove that your coparent was leaving the child in a potentially dangerous situation. So without knowing how "unfit" your ex's girlfriend and her mother are it's hard to say. 

  • Bruce
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    2 months ago

    The court will be interested in the environment your son is in, not the father. The only thing you mentioned that the court would have an interest in is the last comment about animals in the home. And only if you have evidence the animals are causing the illness, which you provided no information. 

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