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error 'There was a problem sending the command to the program.'?

I received the error saying 'There was a problem sending the command to the program.', when attempting to download a word document that was attached as an e-mail. It is not an excel file. can anyone help?

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    If this happened during the download the problem is with your browser and not Word (or excel)  So, first things first.  1) Reboot. This fixes a lot of things.  2) Update your browser.  3) try a different browser.  4) Ask the sender to send it again, making sure that the file is properly attached for download.  

    If you are trying to open the file direct from the download, try saving the file to a folder first, and then opening from within Word (or excel) 

  • David
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    Save the file to a folder first rather than send it to the program, then open word and open the file from within word

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