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Since most colleges went test optional for the class of 2021, does that mean they’ll be paying more attention to GPAs?

Since covid caused a lot of co 2021 students to not be able to take the SATs and ACTs, a lot of schools went test optional. And i know that previously test scores and GPAs were huge deciding factors on your acceptance. I’m not planning on submitting an SAT score because I didn’t take it, so I want to know if they’ll be putting more attention on GPAs, and if that will be the biggest deciding factor now.

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    Yes. GPA has always been the more important factor because it tells the admissions staff how you perform academically over time and across subjects. All universities have a limited number of openings to fill in a freshman class, so they attempt to select students who will be able to rise to the academic challenge/standards of that university. 

     Even though different high schools teach and grade separately, a GPA is a very good indication of a student's academic ability.  Kids with 3.86 GPAs are all going to be strong students and have a strong likelihood of doing well at the college-level.  Students with a 3.1 GPA, regardless of their high school, will probably find the more rigorous college course work very difficult. 

    SAT/ACT scores are helpful for this because it allows for an applies-to-apples comparison  but without them, admission staff will rely a lot on GPA and will also have to look at the rigor of the specific classes a student took as well as letters of recommendation.

    Extracurricular actives only come into play as part of seeing the student a a whole person -- or if that activity is one where the student is being recruited by the university.  

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    Varying by university/college, they still have to limit the number accepted. GPA will count more obviously, and class rank, which school attended, classes taken, written recommendations, awards, extra curricular activity, possibly an essay from you, special talents or skills, interviewing

    Instead of standardized tests, you have to convince them that you deserve a place above other applicants. 

    holistic approach - treatment of the whole person.

    everything counts.

    What's interesting is that those that buried themselves in texting will be at a disadvantage. This is similar to interviewing for a job. Your socio-communications skills move up a notch.

    Young people today are frustrated with interviews because it requires talking to real people. 

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