Why are gays, lesbians and transgenders so looked down upon ?

Why is it wrong to love somebody of the same sex or to change your sex? 

Aren’t we all humans and equal? 

Love is love right? God loves everybody equally ❤️

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  • Sky
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    2 months ago

    It is not wrong to love somebody regardless of that person's sex or gender identity, and yes, love is love and that's a good thing.  (There is no evidence that any god exists so we can dismiss your last statement for now.)  GLBT people are looked down on so much because of ignorance, bigotry, and prejudice, maintained by laziness and stubbornness, and very often driven by religious fundamentalism as a way to justify such hate and bigotry.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What LGBT people and those of liberal persuasion want to ignore is that there are BENEFITS for those who entertain prejudice against LGBT people.  We'd rather just insist that such people are defective in some way (which is basically the same thing they're doing to us).

    BENEFIT NUMBER ONE is obvious:  If I can look down upon someone, I automatically elevate my own view of myself (and hopefully other people's view of me, too).  This is the same reason that social media, across the board, is so full of judgment, criticism, and disagreement - because there's a widespread belief that disapproving of something (anything will do) makes one feel and seem more knowledgeable, worldly (and safe).  For this benefit, what you disapprove of, or the reasons for your disapproval, really don't matter much - they don't have to be rational or defensible.  You just need to disapprove for this to work - the stronger and more intolerant, the better.

    BENEFIT NUMBER TWO is more abstract, but just as important:  Alpha males rely on homosexuality as their ultimate weapon against lower-caste males who won't recognize their superiority, or step out of line in some other way.  If you've ever been a male in the Corridors of Power, you've seen this at work.  Sooner or later, if there's a male who's making trouble (or is just annoying) the Boss will bring various forms of pressure and coercion to bear.  If those don't work, the big guns will be brought out, and out of nowhere will appear the rumor that the troublesome male is homosexual.  If you think back, you'll see this pattern was evident even in the elementary schoolyard.  The threat of being suspected of being gay, and the resulting ostracism and abuse, is a strong, deep-seated fear that nearly all males learn, even before they become sexual.  That makes it an important lever to manipulate them, and Alpha males rely upon it.  Quite often it's the Alpha male himself who starts the rumor, in some "joke" to a subordinate who can be trusted to spread it far and wide as gospel.  Regardless of the exact form it takes, this threat of accusation plays an unspoken but foundational role in any organization of males.  THAT'S WHY there will always be males who try to justify prejudices against LGBT people - because it's too hard to contemplate losing that source of power over others (and the sense of superiority and security that comes from wielding it).

    BENEFIT NUMBER THREE is a political one, and it stems from religion.  The three religions that trace their roots back to God's covenant with Ibrahim all condemn non-heterosexual, non-marriage & childbearing-related sexual practices.  (Many individual congregations have moved away from this, but the majority cling to it.)  The result of this has been a co-supportive relationship with Alpha males.  The Alphas see that the religions' condemnation of LGBT strengthens their hand when wielding their ultimate weapon.  It allows them to not simply appeal to the widespread fear of ostracism and abuse inculcated in nearly all males, but ALSO it enables them to use lower-caste males' religion as another reason to stand behind the Alpha in punishing any target at whom he chooses to point his finger.  For it's part, the church (regardless of WHICH church) benefits because it gains a sin that its attack dogs can persecute.  This gives the church the appearance to its faithful of being a bulwark against sin - WITHOUT having to persecute members of its own flock for the more widespread sins of which they are inevitably guilty.  (Nobody would go to a church that actually prosecuted ALL the things it labels as "sin", because eventually each and every one of them would be found guilty of SOMEthing - so it's nice to have something that we can charge sinners with that we know WE won't be charged with.)  Knowing about and understanding the Alpha males' reliance on the fear of being accused has enabled shrewd churchmen to encourage an build upon that, to transform the sin of "homosexuality" into "the worst possible" sin (despite the fact it didn't even warrant a mention in Moses' Ten Commandments).  The churches and the Alpha males work hand-in-hand to preserve this prejudice and fear, which is handy for both of them.  (You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.)

    So, that's why people look down upon LGBT people (...gays in particular - Sadly a lot of the hatred toward LB&T people is just an extension of the effort against G!).  That is, that's why IRL.  Such down-lookers will always provide you with other reasons (starting with "God doesn't like it") but these are just fantasy designed to justify and camouflage what's REALLY going on.

    Until these REAL reasons are addressed, the current prejudice and mistreatment will continue.

  • 2 months ago

    They are taught, by ignorant people!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes trans are crazy cult and reason why because trans are evil

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