why would he do that? ?

I had an argument with my crush, I really liked him but I have seen a few flaws that made me cautious around him, like he would take his anger out on me for no reason if he was pissed off....and he did it more than once then apologizes, i gave him very expensive gifts on his bday and when he made a car accident i sent him flowers and chocolates, anyways, i also have a private story on his snapchat just for him where I write poems for him, I have noticed that he makes excuses when I try to see him then when I confronted him about it, he said he needs to be honest and then he accused me of something that I NEVER DID! ((Once I was on top of him and making out with him)) then later that night he mentioned that his sister called while we were making out and listened to everything, he ACCUSED me of answering his phone on purpose! how?! I was on TOP of him and I didnt even see his phone ringing nor heard it ringing, he said he was not stupid and he knew I did that on purpose, I swore plenty of times and said: did u see me do it?! i was making out with u! I didn't even touch ur phone! i told him to seek medical help mentally cause he is sick...and he agreed that he is mentally ill....i told him that he hurt me badly and id never ask to c u again cause u were obviously avoiding me due to sth I NEVER DID! he is on my snapchat and im wondering if I should block him or not cause he really pissed me off.....

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