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atheists who grew up in christian families, should you tell your parents you’re an atheist?

the main reason i want to tell my dad is because i don’t think its fair for him to bring jesus and god into every decision i make. i do NOT want to base my life around the bible and i want him to understand that. i’ve told my mom i don’t believe in god and i think she understands. my mom is generally just so much more open-minded than my dad. i’m not sure if i should say something about it or not.


i’m 15, my parents are divorced and i’m only at my dad’s half the time. my dad would never do something like that—and even if he would i still have my mom. and thank you. 

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    My parents are Christians but agnostic. It took them sometime but to them I am still worshiping god in a assbackward way as a Tibetan Buddhist . Mom is getting insight from helping my English grammar on my Buddhist studies 

  • Wundt
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    2 months ago

    This is something that the presenters on "The Atheist Experience" discuss quite often.  They point out that every family is different, but that you should be prepared to be 'cut off' or ostracized if you family is very religious.  If you are still financially dependent on your parents and think they might have an extreme reaction then you should continue to pretend to believe until you are independent.  If you are no longer dependent on them, you should be honest, but be prepared for the consequences.  

  • Bob
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    2 months ago

    I did tell my parents I am an atheist, and while they were not happy about it they respected my choice.

  • 2 months ago

    they know

    ps I got married in a Anglican church to a catholic girl who is now an atheist too

    nobody burst into flames and i now live in your mind rent free

    (dark in here isn't it)

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    This old atheist was born into an Irish, Old Country, extended family, Catholic Household...

    They helped realize that no Saints, no Virgin Mary and no Gods exit.

    We had Crucifixes with palms in every room including the garage and hallways...

    I had to keep very quiet about my non belief as to not offend the rest of the family who had strong but tender beliefs.

    It was actually my fourth grade nun who drove me to atheism but I never wrote her a Thank You Note ...

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sooner or later you are going to have to tell him. The question then is if he has the moral and intellectual integrity to accept it and behave


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    You dont say your age or if you have the ability to survive on your own without your parents. If the latter then you should wait until you are able to care for yourself. Some parents have been known to throw their children out of the home for saying they were atheist. If you are already on your own and that threat isnt there, then tell them. Your dad is an adult who should be able to care more about his son than whether or not the son has god in his life anymore. Its up to you, no one else can make this decision for you. Good luck.

  • My dad knows, he doesn't really care. I tried telling my mom and she started to look like she was getting upset so she said "well you're probably in a phase" and I just yeah probably so she wouldn't be sad.

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    Many live the lie: Just do it and be good with it. Good Luck.

    Have a nice day. 

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    We were all born atheists.

    It took my parents a while to accept that truth.

    Don't force it upon your father. He will accept it in time.

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