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Whats his problem?!?

I met this guy at work on my first day. Im 19 and he’s 21. We work in retail so 

this is just all in fun. He talked to me on my first day and asked me if I needed help lifting some boxes. We also got to spend some time alone because the manager sent us off together.

He asked me if I liked the job so far and I told him it was ok then we both laughed. he asked if I was in school and I told him I was in college and told him the name and he was like “that’s a big one”. He asked what hs I went to and he told me his and he ended up going to the one down the street from me. He was like “yeah my school had issues” and we both laughed and I was like “yeah I heard some stuff about that school”. Then he told me he graduated. I didn’t say anything after that until he asked me if I was from the city and I just said yeah. I’m regretting not engaging with him more. It’s been 2 weeks since then and he hasn’t been here in a week. we’ve both been kind of busy. This morning his mom and him walked in and she said good morning and he was way behind her and he didn’t. But he didn’t say it to anyone and he said it to me last week which idk why he didn’t say it today. his mom walked in before his break was and I couldn’t talk to him because she was there! I had to fix an aisle and he came to the one right in front of me and fixed it and we were looking wt each other through the holes. How do I move things along?

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    Talk to him. He might be thinking that you don't like him based on how you are around him. To be honest, guys can be really dumb about girls, I can't tell you how many times I've looked back on interactions I've had with girls and realized that they liked me. By talking to him, it shows that you want to keep things moving, but it's not a huge step so it's less pressure on you both. You should try and tease him about something so it comes off as funny and gets thing more interesting.

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