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Question for those who cheated on tests?

I have been trying throughout this whole course. I got help from my teacher and from friends, and still I just struggle. This is my last shot, if I pass the final exam, I pass the course. I found some online websites that say they can do the exam for me, but I don't know which one is the best one. 

I just need someone who I can give my username and password to, so they can do my final exam and get me a B or a passing C, so all I have to worry about is my pre-requisites, the classes I ACTUALLY have to worry about. 

Or, if possible, someone who can be on the phone with me while I "take" the test. Except, I'll be sending pictures of the problems that I can't do (while on the test), and they work it out on their scratch paper and tell me the answer they got, over the phone call. 

Any takers or can someone point me to a person or organization that you know works (discretely)? 


I cannot just look up the answers on my phone, because it is not the same as asking google who the 5th president was. Most of the time, the internet cannot comprehend math symbols, the keyboard does not present an option for said symbols, and the answers are usually incorrect (even with the formula specified). 

which is why an actual person is better.

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  • fcas80
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    2 months ago

    I'm sure you can find someone, but what happens if they are not smart enough to pass, or if several classmates use them and you all submit the same wrong answers?

  • 2 months ago

    Why not just look up the answers on your phone? It's obviously not a classroom test so your phone can be your cheat sheet. 

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