On Star Trek, what do the different coloured uniforms signify?

I figured out the ranking. Each officer has a different number of pins on their uniform. Kirk, Picard and the other captains each have 4 pins. All lower ranks have three, ensigns (which I guess would like privates) have 1. I have seen blue, yellow and red. My theory is, blue is for like medics and counselling. For example, Dr. Beverly Crusher wears a blue uniform as does Deanna Troi in later seasons. Yellow is for different sciences. Geordi La Forge is an engineer and I believe Data is a science officer. Red is worn by Picard and Riker. I'm guessing like red uniforms do things like commanding the ship

I'm not too familiar with Star Trek or science fiction. I like Star Wars and I have seen all the Star Wars movies. What do the different coloured uniforms mean?

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    I recall reading a "geekdom" magazine in the 1980s that said the "official" terminology for the original series was:

    Yellow = Command and Administration

    Red = Engineering and Ship's Services

    Blue = Sciences

    Fun fact 1:  The original "yellow" uniforms were actually a light green but appeared yellow under the studio lights.  Original-series junkies may recall that Kirk sometimes wore a greenish "alternate top" that fit like a wrap-around tunic.  That top was actually the same color as the standard "yellow" shirts but made of a different material that reflected the studio lights in a "truer" manner.

    Fun fact 2: The uniforms worn by The Next Generation crew had to be changed when Patrick Stewart's representatives threatened a medical lawsuit against the studio.  The original design used spandex to give the uniforms a "futuristic" seamless and skin-tight look.  The problem is that actors had to stand uncomfortably straight in them during shooting to keep their smooth appearance.

    The actors complained about them but the studio refused to change them until Patrick Stewart's doctor wrote a letter affirming that the cast risked permanent spinal injury.  Fearing a lawsuit, the studio changed to another material.

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    Not sure but on the original, the people on the landing party in red, were dead.

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    Colors show which division you work in.  In TOS, blue was for Science and Medicine, Gold was for Command and Helm, and Red was for Engineering and Security.

    Wikipedia has info on how the uniforms evolved depending upon the series and era at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_uniforms

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    2 months ago

    Probably different ranks off the people wearing them.

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    what 'department' you work in .............................

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