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Did we fall for the biggest lies of all?

The Brexit con has gone from “easiest deal in history”, “we hold all the cards” etc to yes there’ll be lorry parks in Kent and yes we’ll be poorer. Brexit only benefits the wealthiest who even now are buying EU citizenship.

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    No, the EU was the biggest lie of all.

    They told us it was just a communal trading partnership that would not affect our sovereignty.

    No they tell us: <Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty>

    Basically, they put every member on a slippery slope to relinquishing control over their own countries. The UK and many others fought quite hard to stop getting sucked into a Europe that was ruled by Germany. How has it suddenly become OK?

    The EU leadership is not democratically elected so it does not answer to the people. It meets with The Open Society almost weekly. Why would the leadership not listen to the people in the EU but, instead, listen to a George Soros organisation? Who is really in charge?

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    Of the 52% who voted Leave, some did so because they don't like foreigners and some did so because they didn't like the Conservative government.  Now we have a Conservative government with an American born ethnic Turk in charge.  Some believed Boris's lies, although it's debatable whether anyone so simple-minded is eligible to vote..  Scotland, London and Gibraltar largely voted Remain, but for them, Brexit just means a certain amount of inconvenience.  The rest of England and Wales largely voted leave, for various reasons, and they are the people who will suffer.  When they've starved to death, perhaps we could have a referendum on rejoining.

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    No. We voted to get out from under the EU's tyranny and membership fees. So according to you our fishermen will not be better off? We do hold all the cards and the EU know it. If they are seen to acquiesce the floodgates will open and the EU will collapse. That might happen anyway.

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