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Be honest: did being bullied in childhood still affect your adult life today?

I believe that some incidents are definitely more traumatic than others and not everyone "gets over" situations like these as easy as someone else would. I also believe that a lot of people who tell past victims to get over it have been childhood bullies themselves.

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  • i was never bullied as such, i was only teased in my teenage years which undermined my self confidence, but i'm a lot better now in my 40s.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I'm 65 years old and was bullied badly by my sister when I was younger and by my mother as well, my father left me alone until after he divorced my mother and then his bullying traits became more prominent as well. I'm still not over any of it. My parents are gone but my sister who is two years older than me still tries to psychologically bully from afar, she lives overseas now. I totally agree with you that those who tell you to get over it are usually the bullies themselves. 

  • Dan
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    3 months ago

    Yes, I've got to the point in my life that I feel like I don't deserve happiness and when happiness shifts in my direction I try to ignore it.

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