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If your car got repoed once and you’re late on your payment again, can they legally open your garage to get your car out so they can repo it?

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    Legally, they'd be in violation of the law if they broke into your garage and took your car. However, I've seen repo teams take cars while parked at work, parked while shopping, etc. If they want it, they'll get it.

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    State laws vary (if you're in the USA) and most places prohibit a repo man from "breach of the peace", i.e., breaking and entering, threatening you in person, etc.

    However, there may still be places in which you can be asked to sign PERMISSION to enter your garage, as part of the contract for the loan. Therefore, it's not "breaking and entering" and it's not a "breach of the peace" unless you're there to make a fuss.

    Similarly, if they're towing your car on a public way, as you parked and ran into a shop, they cannot generally take your car if you manage to get inside before they hook it up.  On the other hand, YOU could be charged with "disorderly conduct" if you're obstructing their lawful repossession of their own property (i.e., you are a joint owner with the lender, as shown on the title).

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    They cannot and should not tamper with your private property,  even if the goods are inside that private property.

    if they have a warrant or a court order to break into and take your goods the you're fcuked bro lol

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    No, they cannot open the garage.

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    If your car was repossessed, the only way you get it back without paying off the ENTIRE loan is if you STEAL the car. In that case, stashing it in your garage only GUARANTEES conviction for grand theft auto.

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    Wouldn't it be MUCH simpler to just pay your car payments than trying to fight a repo in court?? You LIEberal left demoCROOKS keep trying to do things the HARD way!!!

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    A repo person can not enter a garage or a paid parking structure to repo anything

    They can come to your work however, follow you to a shopping mall, store, friends or relatives home, funeral.

    Once you pull into your drive way even, they can take it

    They will get it sooner or later

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    In every state where I've lived, repo men cannot pick or break locks or cause any property damage while performing their jobs.  The laws are a bit hazy, however, if your garage was unlocked.

    If the only thing you lost in the recovery was the vehicle, you don't have any grounds for a civil claim seeing as you suffered no real damages.  You can try to file trespassing charges, but without hard evidence it would be your word against the repo guys' words as to how everything occurred.  Even with evidence, most states do allow repo men limited access to private property when doing their jobs.

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    What do you mean, the garage was open so the vehicle was in plain site.

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    I believe they have to notify you in advance. Technically if you do not have the ownership paper, you are considered to be "borrowing" the car, not "Owning" the car, and they do have the right to take it back. it would be a better idea to either offer it back to the dealer and cancel the contract, or maybe renegotiate the car loan with your bank to see if you can't lower your payments so you can afford to make the payments. Try asking the auto loan person at your bank or credit union about some financial options. It can't hurt to ask. Good luck.

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