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Do women get over abusive exes?

My wife used to be in an emotionally abusive relationship. One day we were talking about it and she started crying and said he did very bad things to her that she would never talk about. By her crying when talking about it does that mean that she isn't over him yet?

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    It often requires therapy to get back to where you can trust someone new after an abusive relationship. But crying when you recall trauma isn't unusual at all (and it certainly doesn't mean she still loves this person). You're making her past experiences all about yourself and your own insecurities. Don't do that, she needs you to be strong for her and not to let your own ego get in the way of her emotional healing. 

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    Well she may have been just having her period or sad about the bad things he did to her - but also usually she is to some degree a contributer to his abuse.  Often a woman who allows herself to be abused feels she deserves it for one reason or another and she may be verbally abusive and/or physically abusive to cope with his abuse.  God is really the only one who can heal the broken hearted and heal the wounded soul. 

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    No it means that she’s over the traumatic events. She might have symptoms of ptsd and she needs to see a therapist.

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    Eventually, they do. She may need therapy if it doesn't resolve within a reasonable time. 

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