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All I am asking is by me & my mom having this talk today does it seem she wants another kid or not? I am too nervous for unhelpful answers?

Mom came crying to me thinking shes going through menopause & I asked her are you crying cause you want more kids & she said “you jackass I wish I was in my 30s” then later I asked again & she said “is something wrong with you? Something I think is wrong with you. I do everything by myself here I have enough to do on my own, I think if you were my age you would feel the same”.

Both are in their mid 40s & don’t use protection. I’m a second mom/maid/caretaker. I truly can’t take the fact that for my dad it’s like whatever happens will happen. There’s 5 dogs, my two sisters that are 11 & 9 then me, helping out my mom is always in a bad mood cause she feels theres not enough help with I try doing my best that I barely have a life never even go out. Last year I saw her searching about precum chances of getting pregnant or hard time getting pregnant in 40s she said she doesn’t want to get pregnant she had enough but she also seemed confused. I’ll hear her talk about babies or how my bf has older parents & I told her how he’s always worry for them he tells me I’m lucky I have young parents & her response is like “so what it doesn’t matter, look at your dads mother shes in her 80s”. Sometimes she does or says things that make me question if she thinks about having another kid then other times she’ll make a remark & say “how many kids you’re having?” To me when she’s annoyed or overwhelmed or tell my dad she had enough with babies now she has to deal with the dogs.

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