Cannot open webcam settings on skype?

So I need to adjust my webcam settings on my pc, I can only adjust brightness in the window 10 camera app. 

I used to be able to mirror the cam, adjust white balance, etc through skype but the link won't open when. I have tried downloading old versions of skype and it still won't work. 

I have also updated the webcam drivers. I am stuck someone help.

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  • 2 months ago

    A camera is unlike any other device. You could potentially install several apps ALL of which must assume they have to provide a certain minimum set of controls with it. Unfortunately only ONE App can actually remain in control of the camera(most likely the last one that got installed) and they rarely get programmed with the abilities to SWITCH between default control of the camera. This would usually be either a 3rd party supplied app which would be pre-installed as part of your initial system purchase or it may be the PC maker default app or it will just be the OS default app. Then as YOU install more programs such as ZOOM or other meetings app, or a VIDEO EDITOR which would offer the webcam as a source for recording video, then the DEFAULT app may become something something else, set as default as installed by the new program. You need to fully uninstall all video programs to remove any camera control applications, and re-instate the original webcam software that came with the pc which may not be easy. If your pc is a well known make then it might be possible to just re-install that application, but these days microsoft have taken control and may well prevent the installation from getting control back. Also I note that the very recent and most up to date windows 10 has included a change to SKYPE to place an icon on the TASKbar called Meet Now. this may be the cause of the issue as its likely to have poor features for many webcams because webcam features may require very detailed and specific drivers and the Meet Now may not be capable of identifying YOUR PC's camera properly or the features it provides and may have defaulted the webcam to SIMPLE BASIC drivers.

    see link to disable that feature(which may not change anything) 

    I hope that explains what may have happened. If you want to use SKYPE then thats what you may be stuck with.

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