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Does Bill Madlock deserve Hall Of Fame will 4 batting titles ? If not then why not ?


 Is 4 batting titles a "good"  hitter ?

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     No, he was no way consistent enough to be be in the company of the all time greats. Cooperstown is hallowed ground, it's the Hall of Fame not the Hall of Above Average. I get that everyone wants a participation trophy these days, but I think the standards have slipped far enough.

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    Not even close.  His career numbers fall well short. In my opinion, the batting titles carry qualifiers. Madlock was not the most durable player. He never played a single full 162 game season. His pinnacle was 154 games, done twice. The years he won batting titles, his games played were 130, 142, 82 and 130. In spite of those titles, he never won a Silver Slugger award, or any major award. He was an average fielder at best.  He was a very good hitter, but nowhere close to being Hall-worthy.

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    Not in and of itself.  Good hitter, but he comes up far short compared to third basemen in the Hall of Fame.  He was a net liability as a defensive player.  Then compare him to the great third basemen of his era:  Mike 

    Schmidt, George Brett, Brooks Robinson, Wade Boggs, Ron Santo, Paul Molitor and shortly after Chipper Jones.  He doesn't measure up to them. 

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