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How do I report someone that's doing illegal couponing?

My cousin does couponing and she told one of my other relatives that it's illegal and they told me. That's all the info I have. I don't know how it's illegal or what makes it illegal. She does buy A LOT of products from grocery stores. Is she committing fraud? Is illegal couponing the same as couponing fraud? I have her name, date of birth, and her phone number but I don't know her address. I can't let her basically steal from grocery stores. How do I report this?


I've googled it and illegal couponing is real and yes even fraud. So you idiots need to do your research and stop giving me stupid answers. I thought someone would give me a good answer here on YA, but I was wrong

Update 2:

Steven f**k off. YOU are BS. I know what the f*ck I'm doing when I research sh*t and whether it's true or false. YOU on the other hand obviously don't know the difference between what's legal and what is not. They didn't lie. You don't know what you're talking about so I don't even know why you bothered to answer. You're just running your mouth. IT'S F*CKING ILLEGAL PEOPLE!! AND I WILL F*CKING REPORT IT!

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    Your source FLAT OUT LIED.

    Even if the way the coupons are used violates the CONTRACT printed on the coupon, it is a CIVIL case between the issuer and the user. You don't even have a WEAK case to report it to the parties involved.

    What you THINK you learned from Google is also BS.

    Note: Google results are even less reliable as legal source than Yahoo Answers.

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    There is no such thing as illegal couponing. The store has figured that out, besides so few people coupon that the stores do not LOSE as most could not be bothered.  So the store still makes money as the coupons advertise a product. Chances are good the people will buy it. so increased sales no matter what.  They would not offer coupons if the item weren't already overpriced.

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    If she has coupons & buys the product, there's nothing illegal about it. Manufacturers & stores issue coupons to get people to buy their products. If the coupons were forgeries, they would not scan proper codes. So there does not appear to be any grounds based on the info you provide here - just third-hand gossip! - to make any complaint with anyone.

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