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If you never talk to people out of fear of rejection, does that mean you have social anxiety?

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    I once thought I had social anxiety. I was told that by a doctor. But that was not the cause. I don't speak to anyone out of fear of rejection because it turns out my mother was a narcissist who was psychologically abusing me. My therapist talked to her and she is the one who told me she was a narcissist. I thought she was my best friend and turns out she was busy destroying my life. I have PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. Due to long term psychological abuse. My mother even joined a cult to get them to help abuse all five of her children. Again my therapist is the person who told me it was a cult.

    Are you sure there is no narcissist in your life? If so remove them and you will get better after they are gone. It takes time but it will happen.

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    Usually it is.

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    When discussing social anxiety, the concept of rejection typically comes up. With social anxiety, one of the fears that a person will develop is a fear of rejection. 

    This fear often affects how a person with social anxiety will act when in a social setting, and can dictate their decisions as they try to avoid it.

    In the context of social anxiety, rejection means to be shunned or ignored by others in a social setting. It can be on purpose or accidental, or the person who is doing the rejecting may or may not even be aware of their actions. 

    Rejection is a common occurrence in life, regardless of if you have social anxiety or not. Anyone who has ever been rejected socially can agree that it truly hurts and will often leave a mark on your memory.  

    Humans are, by nature, social creatures. Even when a person has social anxiety, there is a part of them that craves interaction with another person, even though it can cause them stress. 

    It’s that desire for socialization that is responsible for why rejection makes us feel the way that we do. When you don't get that desired socialization, or you don't get enough of it, the pain of rejection is the response that tells you that you failed to meet that need. 

    It's like being hungry, yet not eating enough at a meal to satisfy your appetite. You are still hungry and your body will keep telling you to fix it until you do something about. 

    That pain that a person feels upon being rejected follows the same logic and is a survival instinct designed to keep us from being alone.

    Rejection for those with social anxiety is, to put it mildly, terrifying. It plays into the fear that they are doing something wrong during social interaction and being rejected is a confirmation that they have messed up. 

    Social anxiety messes with a person's mind in such a way that they will perceive and misinterpret even the most positive praise as something negative or hurtful. 

    If a person with social anxiety feels like they have been rejected in a social situation, then if functions as a confirmation that they have done something wrong and it fuels their anxiety even further.

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    Its a Sure sign that your self esteem is very ;;very low 

    Take some karate course or some boxing course 

    and if you do not like sport ;enroll yourself in a theater group 

    YOu need to do something if  you want a happy life 

    and a normal life 

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