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If you are dying on the hospital bed, does the hospital need your consent to go through with operations and hence make you pay the high fees?

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    If you don't have a DNR order the hospital has to try to save your life regardless of the expense. But if you're actually "dying" you won't have to pay the bill. 

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    If you are physically incapable of granting or denying consent, and do not have a DNR order on file, consent to treatment necessary to keep you alive is ASSUMED in the law.

    Any treatment not required to keep you from dying NOW require consent of the patient of nearest relative.

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    If you're in your right mind, you have a right to refuse any medical treatment.  In fact, if you're able, you have the right to get out of bed and leave the hospital at any time.

    The way they determine if you're in your right mind is with simple questions like "What year is this?"  "Who's the president?" "What month comes after March."  If you can answer questions like that, they will spend no more time evaluating you.  If you want to leave, you may leave.

    In fact, before they can do anything more than stopping bleeding, you have to sign a release.

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    If you can’t give consent then it’ll go to the person who you assign to make medical decisions if you’re incapacitated. 

    If you don’t have anyone assigned, I think the doctors have to do everything in their power to keep you alive (by medical definition so if you’re brain dead, you’re considered dead) as part of the Hippocratic oath. 

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