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[Patent abstract] What does "under the urging of from the inlet chamber" mean in the following quote from an abstract ?

A filtered air path (25) is further provided for allowing filtered air from the filter (18) to travel to the interior of the vehicle (12) under the urging of the positive pressure from the inlet chamber (14).

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    What I learned in fluid mechanics is that fluids flow from high pressure areas to lower pressure areas.  If the inlet chamber is higher pressure than the interior and they are at all connected,  fluid (air) will flow from the inlet chanber to the interior.Not any more complex than that.

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    It means the person who wrote the abstract does not know how to write.  He sure as hell would not work for me.  

    Pressure at the inlet (14) forces air through a filter (18) and then into the the cab (12).

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    This is retarded language. 

    It sounds like the result of a language translator 


    somebody using a 2-language dictionary to translate something.

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    The statement says

    , "under the urging of the positive pressure from the inlet chamber."

    That means there is sufficient pressure at the inlet chamber to drive air to the interior of the vehicle. 

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    Urging means to gently push as opposed to violently push or not push.

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    it means blown out of the inlet chamber

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