How often should I update my Samsung Android (more info is below) phone's apps?

Hi. I'm an elderly person. Not too tech savvy like most youngsters are nowadays. I just bought a newer model of a Samsung Android phone. Only for emergencies. So I'm not cut off from internet during the occasional outages. To use as a hotspot device during times when home wifi occasionally black outs. I keep this new phone switched off most of the time. Don't need it a lot. My landline is enough. How often should I switch on my Samsung Android phone for the purpose of updating its apps? Thank you.

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  • 1 month ago
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    If you don't use it a lot there's not much point leaving non-essential apps running in the background anyway.  Updating a couple of times a year should be fine unless you use it for banking, in which case you need the security updates. Maybe I have a bad attitude towards updates due to Microsoft terminating Cortana on my old Windows 10 phone when they withdrew from the phone market and ended support. It would still have been working fine now if I hadn't taken their final 'update'.

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    1 month ago

    You dont ever have to update it If you dont want to. It's not gonna hurt anything. Just make sure you charge it once every few months to keep the battery in good shape.

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