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anon asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicBlues · 4 months ago

Is this correct information?

The 1980s mainly consisted of the emergence in genres that synchronized with the growing dance culture of the period. Along with the rise of such genres that included hip hop, rock and metal, came corporations attempting to behave as the sovereign power holding the right to content delivered by artists. This injustice disallowed true expression through music. Regardless of the captivation of music by corporate companies, blue continued to seep in through the cracks of modern genres, most notably through contemporary R&B such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. 

 Blues began to have its own category for the Grammys in both a traditional and contemporary manner. Additional influences that increased the spread of the blues genre in the 1990s was the movie “Swingers”, which accentuated swing dance music and proved to be quite popular among audience. 

Even in the 2000s, Blues continues to remain alive. In 2003, Martin Scorsese wished to elevate the blues to a greater audience. He requested several of his colleagues, such as Clint Eastwood to partake in a sequence of documentaries for PBS called The Blues.  blues rock in 2010s obtained a much greater social following especially as recognition of the internet soared and artists began producing YouTube channels, discussions, and Facebook pages. Blues music generally persists in society today; albeit it does not directly impact the ubiquitous musical industry. Its inspirations are still present.

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  • John
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    4 months ago

    More finger pointing at corporate injustice, mostly. The blues hasn't gone anywhere.

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