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How is 1.65million COVID deaths (so far) within one year not obvious enough for everyone to stay away from each other until the virus goes?

Obviously with an exception to essential health workers like the police, doctors, carers, etc. who have to be with other people

But answers like “Because businesses need to survive by having customers” is just stupidity because people need to survive for businesses to survive. 


Elizabeth I see your point, people believe that if they could survive one virus then they can survive COVID, but it's too late for others who have been affected by it

Liz (not Elizabeth) can't argue with your answer

Derra how about saying something that makes sense instead of being a smart ***, ty

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    The point I'd make is that we have dealt with viral outbreaks numerous times - Zika in South America, measles across the world, various tropical viruses, Ebola in Africa and so on. We know pretty much exactly how to deal with these - introduce a lockdown to stop the spread, and quickly isolate the cases that do appear with contact tracing and mobile teams of public health doctors and nurses who work to suppress local clusters.

    Countries that did that quickly, like New Zealand, managed to get Covid under control. Countries that were slow to respond didn't. Compare, for example, the shape of the cases graphs on google for New Zealand and the US. Of course, these are very different nations but these graph shapes show the difference between doing what we've known for decades works, and not doing that.

    So to answer your question ... if nations had done things properly we would have had short term pain for longer term gains and kept the economy ticking over. But because nations botched it, most are now constantly teetering between controlling the spread or not. This has dragged on the closures, kept people in on again off again lockdowns, opened and closed and opened and closed business which can't plan or prepare for these cycles, and created more economic pain than just doing it properly in the first place.

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    Thou shall never feel the pain and sorrow that reese monkeys have experienced. This virus is a brief reminder of what can happen when people with money start exploring. Let’s try to enjoy the days we have left. Fighting death can be more painful. 

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    You're absolutely right. One thing it highlights to me is the pathetic sheep mentality that can't think for themselves - even with the facts staring them in the face - to jump on the bandwagon with idiots who keep screaming covid 'doesn't' exist and that it's a 'conspiracy'. Why aren't the relatives of people who have died making more noise that the idiot theorists?

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    (2 Timothy 3:1-5) But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves...,3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement..., 


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    Yeah well a papaya, a pheasant, and Coca-cola have all tested positive, so perhaps younshould turn your brain on?

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